"International conferences:  Actual Economy"

is regularly organizing by Actual Economy association that is an international association of scientists and researchers,  includes more than 150 representatives of 35 research, scientific and educational institutions from 15 countries of the world.

The purpose of "International conferences:  Actual Economy" is:
- development of international cooperation in the field of scientific research and publications through the provision of an effective platform for communication between scientists;
- implementation of joint international scientific research in the field of socio-economic problems;
- holding international conferences, seminars, including online, in order to form effective communications between scientists from different countries of the world;
- free consulting services, educational seminars on the problems of scientific publications and the promotion of the results of scientific works in international publications, collective monographs, and so on.

The Association is a non-profit, independent, networked, operating mostly on-line.

Current activities in the organization are carried out on the basis of projects, for the implementation of each of which a committee, an editorial board of experts  is formed.

Potential Topics and Sessions:‚Äč

  • Modern business: paces of development, sources for competitiveness

  • National economic and social processes development in context of globalization and integration

  • World trade and world markets dynamic

  • Modern Social theories, concepts  and approaches

  • Marketing issues for economic progress provision

  • Social and humanitarian sources of efficiency and competitiveness

  • Government, business and society: collaborate for progress

  • Informatization, automatization, virtualization: new requirements of business 

  • Labor potential for global and local economies

  • Financial findings for economy sufficiency and global positioning

  • Education issues and market of education services

  • Environmental and Geographical factors for economic and social development

  • Modern technologies and social progress

  • Teaching and coaching in the modern world

  • Management and HRM: historical and cultural impacts