Scope and problematic fields of the conference: 

1. Economics: global, national and industrial issues
- Regional, national and global markets dynamic;
- Post-covid economic: factors of demand and competitiveness;
- Economic efficiency;
- Globalization of industries and sectors;
- Features of the regional business and economical systems development;
- Future of economic progress; 
- Economic performance in the post-pandemic period (corporative, sectoral, national cases); 
- Measures of economic post-pandemic recovery.

2. Corporative management and business administration in the modern conditions
- The practice of developing small and medium-sized businesses;
- Organization of commercial activities; business processes and their effectiveness; 
- Competitiveness of companies in post-pandemic realities; 
- Microeconomics; 
- Transformation of business in a pandemic; 
- Problems of sustainable development of economy;
- Cases of enterprisers survival in a pandemic. 

3. Marketing in post-covid management
- Consumer behavior in post-pandemic era;
- Features of the promotion in modern conditions;
- Directions for increasing the customer-orientation of companies;
- SWOT analysis;
- Comparative models of the companies' competitiveness; 
- Innovative and communication technologies in modern companies;
- Marketing of services & goods in post-pandemic conditions.

4. State regulation of commercial activities 
- Data security and legal issues in commercial activities;
- Government Revenues and Expenditures, budgeting; 
- State projects on market infrastructure; 
- State support for the  industries in the context of post-COVID recovery; 
- State control in the field of customers protection; 
- State support for foreign expansion of national business.

5. Finance markets and relationships 
- Investment attractiveness of the national economy; 
- Taxation: changes, development, modernization; 
- Efficiency  of investment projects: assessment methods;
- Features of financial management; 
- Financial accounting and managerial accounting in different fields of business.

6. Market infrastructure
- Value of market infrastructure and other assets; 
- Smart and Resilient market Infrastructure Systems; 
- Modeling of network infrastructure, public market systems; 
- Problems of infrastructural provision of economy in a pandemic and post-pandemic recovery.

7. Personnel potential of economy
- Human factors in socio-economical development; 
- Problems of training specialists for the spheres of business; 
- Competences of employees: evaluations and development; 
- Systems of incentives and motivation of personnel in a modern company; 
- Problems of attracting migrants to economic sectors; 
- Protecting the rights of workers; 
- Labor protection.

8. Strategic and operative management: industrial issues 
- Behavioral modeling;
- Managerial decisions: process of making and implementing; 
- Managerial environment; 
- Features of planning in the modern conditions; 
- Systems of motivation and control in the modern companies; 
- Legal frameworks of management; 
- Managerial practices: studies, advanced experience, internationalization 
- Standards of management, systems of quality control. 

9. Innovations in business
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Neural Network Modeling;
- E-business and e-commerce; 
- Electronic documents and online Public Administration;
- Corporative systems of innovations generating and implementation;
- Investment - innovations processes; 
- Innovations exchange and international transfers. 

10. Problems of sustainable development of economy and society
- Safety, Behavior, and Sustainability in the Mixed Environment; 
- Collaboration and Sustainability in developing and advanced countries; 
- Principles of sustainable business behavior; 
- New guidelines for the development of entrepreneurship; 
- Environmental regulations and environmental protection.

11. International tourism, hospitality and transportation recovering 
- International and domestic tourism flows: evaluation, forecasting and studying; 
- Hotel management: new conditions and challenges solutions; 
- Restaurant business: experience of survival and prospects;
- Transport companies in post-covid conditions; 
- National hotel - tourism systems development and Governmental stimulation: 
- Issues of sustainable tourism, hospitality and transportation development.  

12. Education and professional training in the modern conditions 
- Universities, colleges in modern social relationships; 
- Efficiency of educational management and education processes planning; 
- Methods of effective studying and teaching; 
- Modern practices of student centered and cooperative learning; 
- Innovative education and education oriented on innovations.